Edited and Translated from Spanish by Dick Cluster (USA)

A rich variety of baseball fiction exists south of the Florida Straits and the Rio Grande, but almost none available in English. This collection translates for the first time stories ranging from the highly literary to the vernacular. These inventive and entertaining stories reveal the place of baseball in Latin America. Mixing fan and fandom, baseball and politics, rural and urban life, sexism and poverty, Kill the Ampaya! reveals how baseball shapes the social fabric of everyday Latin American life.

The collection includes well known writers such as Leonardo Padura from Cuba (The Man Who Loved Dogs), Sergio Ramírez from Nicaragua (Divine Punishment, A Thousand Deaths Plus One). Others are well known writers in their home countries such as Arturo Arango and Eduardo del Llano in Cuba, Alexis Gómez Rosa and José Bobadilla in the Dominican Republic, Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro in Puerto Rico, Vicente Leñero in Mexico as well as emerging literary figures such as Salvador Fleján and Rodrigo Blanco Calderón in Venezuela, Sandra Tavarez and Daniel Reyes Germán in the D.R., Carmen Hernández Peña in Cuba.

The first English language anthology of translations of baseball stories by major Latin American and Caribbean writers

Reviews for Kill The Ámpaya!

“If anyone still doubts that Baseball, the American pastime, is just as deeply embedded in the lives of Latin Americans—in their love affairs, childhood dreams, aging regrets or fateful apparitions á la Casey Stengel—this sweet volume proves it.” John Krich, author of El Beisbol

“If baseball is really a metaphor for life, then Kill the Ámpaya—Cluster’s wonderful collection of Latin American baseball stories—is an astonishing record of its beauty and coarseness, redemption and tragedy. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate these stories and delight in this reading.” Achy Obejas, author of Ruins and The Tower of the Antilles and Other Stories

"These are stories we have lived ... Some are funny, some cruel or violent, but in the end they are part of our culture that makes us act the way we do. They make me think of the millions of stories that got lost behind us."—Omar Vizquel, from Venezuela, one of baseball’s all-time best fielding shortstops who played for the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, and the San Francisco Giants.

"Baseball is in the soul of millions in Puerto Rico and the other countries that play the game with Latino flair. 1hese stories are portraits of its place in our lives."—Bengie Molina, from Puerto Rico, former catcher for the Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays and the San Francisco Giants.

"It's time we recognized that Latin America is the soul of baseball, and ‘Kill the Ámpaya’ takes us straight to the heart of that soul."— Scott Ostler, sportswriter, San Francisco Chronicle

“A revelation! Baseball fans know how much passion and skill Latin American players bring to the game. Now, thanks to Kill the Ámpaya!, we learn that the same flair is on display in Latin American baseball literature. To quote one of the many great lines in these fascinating stories –‘This jonrón is for you’." —Peter Abrahams, The New York Times bestselling author of twenty-five books including Down the Rabbit Hole, Behind the Curtain, Reality Check, A Perfect Crime, Pressure Drop, and The Fan.

“Terrific fun read!” Tom Meschery, Meschery’s Musings on Sports, Literature, and Life

“Each spring brings a flood of books about ballplayers, managers, and memorable teams. It may be that as this baseball season begins, no book related to the game is more necessary than this one. The great bonus is that "Kill The Ampaya!" is also great fun.” Bill Littlefield, WBUR/NPR Only a Game

November 2016 | 256 pages
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