Thane Rosenbaum

Thane Rosenbaum is a law professor and author of the novels, The Stranger Within Sarah Stein, The Golems of Gotham, Second Hand Smoke, and Elijah Visible.

Nava Semel

Award-winning Israeli author and playwright Nava Semel was born in Tel Aviv and has an MA in art history. She has worked as a journalist, art critic, and TV, radio and recording producer. She has written sixteen books and four plays.

Alan Lelchuk

Alan Lelchuk, born in Brooklyn, educated at Brooklyn college and Stanford University, is the author of seven highly acclaimed novels, including the best-selling American Mischief, Miriam at Thirty-four, Shrinking, Miriam in her forties, Playing the Game, Brooklyn Boy, Ziff: a Life?

Dick Cluster

Little did I know how apt for this political moment my next book was going to be, though I wish I could say that wasn't so. “Kill the Ámpaya!: Best Latin American Baseball Fiction” tries to build bridges, not walls. .

Pedro Cabiya

Pedro Cabiya, a writer, poet and filmmaker, is the author of the short-story collection Tremendous Stories (Isla Negra 1999), selected as the Best Book of the Year by International PEN Club; Atrocious Stories (Isla Negra 2003) and the novels The Head (Isla Negra 2005), Trance (Editorial Norma, 2007), Saga of Sandulce (Editorial Norma, 2009) and Weeds (Zemi Book 2011).

Blume Lempel

Blume Lempel was a master of stream-of-consciousness, flashback, free association and eroticism—all rare in Yiddish literature. Her modern short-story style was appropriate to her themes, which were often daring:

Jay Neugeboren

JAY NEUGEBOREN is the author of award-winning novels (The Stolen Jew, Before My Life Began, 1940, The American Sun & Wind Moving Picture Company, Poli), nonfiction (Imagining Robert, Transforming Madness), and four collections of prize-winning stories.

Andrew Potok

When Andrew Potok was eight he fled with his family from Warsaw, leaving home and business to escape the invading Nazis. The family made it to America, but Andrew’s memories of violence, Jew hatred, and betrayal--including that of his father--erupted into nightmares

Beth Kissileff

Beth Kissileff is a fiction writer and journalist who spent two years studying in Jerusalem and continues to visit Israel regularly. Her writing appears regularly in publications including the New York Times, The Forward, Tablet, Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post.