Pedro Cabiya

Pedro Cabiya, a writer, poet and filmmaker, is the author of the short-story collection Tremendous Stories (Isla Negra 1999), selected as the Best Book of the Year by International PEN Club; Atrocious Stories (Isla Negra 2003) and the novels The Head (Isla Negra 2005), Trance (Editorial Norma, 2007), Saga of Sandulce (Editorial Norma, 2009) and Weeds (Zemi Book 2011). Cabiya is the creator of the graphic novels, Anima Sola, Juanita Morel, Obelenkó, and Just in Time; he is founder and editor of film and literature magazine, Bakaa, and is producer of the TV and web show The Point É. He has an MA in medieval literature from the University of Michigan and a Stanford University Ph.D. in Latin American literature. He lives in Santo Domingo, where he is Professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana and runs his own production company, Heart of Gold Films.