Editor and Translator of Kill the Ampaya! Writes about the Formation of the Book and Baseball in Latin America in LA Review of Books

"This was one of my first indications of how much — not just for Cuba but for all the países peloteros, all the baseball-playing Spanish-speaking nations of the Caribbean rim — the sport of pitcher and catcher, diamond and outfield, fielder and baserunner is perceived as an integral part of their cultures, a piece of what makes their people who they are. Whatever they share with that far-off Chilean, baseball is a part of what makes them distinct. The fact that their national sport happens to have evolved in the northern neighbor is almost an afterthought. I doubt that it was in the mind of that grandstand orator in 1992 at all. Though the word béisbol was imported along with the game, in common speech in Cuba and the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico the game is always la pelota, which is simply the Spanish word for ball."

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