Wild About Books: Fostering an Appreciation for Nature Through Reading

When kids can connect their experiences in nature with the books they read, it deepens both the outdoor experience and the reading experience. They can learn more about what they see outside and what they might see next time. Positive experiences outdoors help kids develop their own appreciation for the planet. With a love for nature rooted firmly in their hearts, they won't make efforts to preserve nature just because they "should," but because they truly understand its value.

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Twenty Years of Poetry

National Poetry Month was initiated in 1996 to mark poetry's important place on our culture and lives.

Below, find resources for celebrating National Poetry Month this month and beyond, as well as reading suggestions that offer uniquely presented perspectives spawned from a variety of cultures.

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About Bees

This week, I noticed stories about bees. They turned up on my Twitter feed and on the TED Talks website. There was a story on the local news. I even got into a conversation with a local farmer about them. Taking this as a sign, I decided to focus on these pesky, important little insects in MVP's very first Buzz post.

Why are bees important? They pollinate over one-third of the human food supply, amounting to about $15 billion in crop production. Their hard work helps produce crops including carrots, apples, onions, cherries, blueberries, avocados, and broccoli. Note that without bees, guacamole is an impossible venture.

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