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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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The Moscow radio actually called upon "God-loving inhabitants" of Germanoccupied countries to rise in defense of religious freedom . References to God were even found in Stalin's papers and addresses . The Government also temporarily closed its atheistic publishing concerns as a war maneuver . Churches in Moscow took on a blaze of outward life . 51. Did this mean Stalin had lost his nerve as an atheist? Not at all . He simply turned the church into a weapon for his own use on the home front then, and such it remains today .

To hate whom? " 30 . Who are the "best people"? " 31 . Doesn't that sound like something thought up by Hitler? Exactly. The Communists were at it before he was and they still are going strong after he has gone . Hitler imitated many tactics of the Communists. 94252°-49 8 57 32. Who are these "enemies" the Russian Communists train children to hate? Anybody and everybody who objects to being dominated all his life long by the Communists. Any loyal citizen of the United States, for instance. And this training in hate is made twice as deadly by coupling it with formal military training for all children from the fourth grade up.

Where is it located and who are its officers? 4105%Z Third Avenue, South, Birmingham, Alabama. Rev. Claude C . Williams, director ; Edna Joyce King, executive secretary ; Owen H . Whitfield and Winifred L. Chappell, associate directors ; Carl Haessler, Calla E . Tennant, and Clara M. Vincent, trustees ; Cederic Belfrage, research director . 91. What does it do? It teaches Communist ideas, pretending that they are Christian ideas . 92. What is the Methodist Federation for Social Action? A tool of the Communist Party, denounced by numerous loyal American Methodists .

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