A Coral Reef Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in the by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn PDF

By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

ISBN-10: 0822576112

ISBN-13: 9780822576112

Welcome to a Caribbean coral reef! As you snorkel simply offshore, you notice very good fish, waving sea anemones, diving turtles - perhaps even a prowling barracuda! The coral reef is stuffed with existence - from coral polyps snagging plankton to a moray eel gobbling up a goby fish. Day and evening at the coral reef, the quest is directly to locate nutrition - and to prevent changing into anyone else's subsequent meal. All residing issues are attached to each other in a nutrition chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, and plant to animal. What direction will you are taking to persist with the meals chain throughout the coral reef? Will you . . . Tail a tiger shark because it sniffs out its subsequent sufferer? try out a stingray crushing clams? Watch a feathery fan bug seize bits of leftovers? persist with all 3 chains and lots of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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Nibbles off a sponge. To . . coral. To see what coral see what another sponge is up to, tur n to page 36. is up to, turn to page 46. lop . . an Antillean scal to starting to burrow in at the sand. To see wish up another scallop . to, tu rn to page 16 . . a black sea urchin scooting toward a nudibranch. To see what another sea urchin is up to, turn to page 50. . a banded coral shrimp searching for a fish to clean. To see what another shrimp is up to, tur n to page 52. . a fan worm soaking in the nutrients from the water.

A giant Caribbean sea anemone he pulled from the coral. To see what another sea anemone is up to, tur n to page 54. . a long-horn nudibranch creeping along the ocean floor. To see what another nudibranch is up to, tur n to page 28. Coral polyps 44 (Cnidaria) The coral planula, or egg, settles on the rocky floor of the ocean. It has been drifting for weeks, but finally, it’s found a perfect place to grow. It needs warm, shallow water where the waves aren’t too rough. The planula starts to build a hard little skeleton around itself by soaking up minerals from the water.

Many are longer than you are! These algae come in blue green, red, green, and brown. These tangled masses that float through the ocean are very important to the ocean’s survival. They provide the oxygen that many of the sea sunlight animals need. But, on the other hand, too much algae can kill the carbon dioxide coral reef by blocking out its sunlight and nutrients. Like the rest oxygen of the habitat, the plants of the coral reef depend on a delicate balance. Last night for dinner, the plants took Plants make food and oxygen through photosynthesis.

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