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The mining increase that all started in northern Mexico within the Nineties set in movement primary social swap. at the one hand it uprooted many employees, and the worries of presidency officers, middle-class, reformers, and corporate managers coalesced into legislation and courses to manage the stressed plenty. yet adjustments within the mining financial system and political tradition additionally induced category recognition between retailers and artisans in addition to expert and unskilled employees. This examine of the Hidalgo mining district in Chihuahua from the Nineties to the Twenties examines type formation, particularly its relation to social regulate, well known values, and pre-industrial traditions. In arguing that type identification stemmed much less from the character of one's paintings than from the ideals one held, this paintings brings jointly the disparate issues of ethical economic climate of mine staff, new mining expertise, and the administration coverage of mine proprietors throughout the Mexican Revolution.

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The second subject is the investing of urban space with notions of morality. During the Porfiriato, city streets, vacant lots, municipal centers, fairs, and brothels, among other areas, became part of a moral geographycontested terrain, in effect, upon which the struggles between social groups were mapped out. The Mexican state supported the moral aspirations of the middle class. In Chihuahua, state officials mandated new, more limited hours of operation for brothels and cantinas, and attempted to drive vice away from Page 6 city centers.

57 As mine managers in Mexico reached the same conclusion as managers throughout North Americathat is, that pneumatic drills could increase productivitythey had little difficulty in making the decision to invest in the new drilling technology. In 1909, George Laird, the resident manager of the Candelaria Mines in Chihuahua, explained the bottom line to his board of directors in the United States. Because each drill could do the work of twenty men, he calculated that ten machines would be equal to two hundred men breaking ore during a shift.

One important aspect of this struggle over values was the formation of class. Labor historians have come increasingly to focus on issues like morality when discussing the factors shaping class consciousness. " 5 In northern Mexico, class formation did not follow inevitably from the foreign investment and economic changes that were taking place during the Porfiriato. Rather than rely solely on laboring for a wage, a substantial number of workers retained their ties to the land and maintained their loyalties to rural communities.

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